Month: May 2013

Prayer Requests for the Week of May 26

Please pray… …that Gulya, a Central Asian barren Muslim, will conceive and that her faith will grow into a saving faith in Christ. …for Muslim background believing women who suffer persecution for their faith, that God will continue to supernaturally gird them with peace, power, and anointing for proclamation and witness. …for Muslim women who […]

Prayer Requests for the Week of May 19

Please pray… …for missionary candidate women, as they prepare for service to Muslim women. Pray that God will supply the prayer partners and the funding they need for the work they are called to do. …that global church leadership will awaken to the opportunities God gives women in their churches to reach the Muslim women […]

Prayer Requests for the Week of May 12

Please pray… …that barren Muslim women everywhere would have opportunity to know the value they have in Christ, and that they will flourish in relationship with Him. …that Muslim mothers everywhere would find their significance in Christ. …for Muslim immigrant grandmothers, to feel at home in the love Jesus has for them in their away-from-home […]

Prayer Requests for the Week of May 5

Please pray… …for single Christian women who serve in conservative Muslim contexts—that God would meet their needs for companionship and close friendship, that He would give them special discernment for daily living, and that they would see fruit from their life among Muslim women. …that Muslim women participating in English as Second Language learning would […]