Month: July 2014

Prayer Requests for the Week of July 27

Please pray… … that God will open doors of influence to Christian women everywhere for significant impact among their Muslim neighbors who conclude their month of fasting with special festivities. … that in this post-Ramadan week, spiritual emptiness will cause Muslim women to hunger for Truth. … for E., a worker among Muslim refugee detainees […]

Prayer Requests for the Week of July 20

Please pray… … that God will reveal himself supernaturally to Muslim women who during this Ramadan look to the Night of Power (July 24) for answers to special needs. Pray for specifically for dreams and visions, and that Christian friends will be present for these special ministry opportunities. … that Latin American Christian women everywhere […]

Prayer Requests for the Week of July 13

Please pray… … that Christian women in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia who are receiving special training through July 17 will also be empowered by the Holy Spirit for fruitful ministry among Muslim neighbors in their homelands. … that Christian women will be prayerfully sensitive to their Muslim friends who during Ramadan seek to grow […]

Prayer Requests for the Week of July 6

Please pray… … that Muslim women everywhere who are fasting for Ramadan will hear from Jesus, and know that it is He who beckons them to draw near. … that Christian women who have Muslim friends will have divine opportunity for witness and special impact during this Ramadan month. … that Christian women in war-torn […]