Month: August 2014

Prayer Requests for the Week of August 24

Please pray… … that international student university programs will place Muslim girls with Christian host families who will lovingly introduce Jesus to them. … that female Christian workers who help displaced Muslim women transition into western society will have ample opportunity to share faith with them. … that current day atrocities enacted by radical Muslims […]

Prayer Requests for the Week of August 10

Please pray… … that God will infuse Christian women in Germany with compassion for the 2 million Muslim women who live there, and that He would empower them for fruitful witness. …that Yemen’s 12 million Muslim women would have access to the Good News about God’s free gift of eternal life. …for congregations in the […]

Prayer Requests for the Week of August 3

Please pray… …that Muslim infighting in Iraq would cause women there to seek “the One who sees [them]”  (Gen. 16:13) and that they will find Him in His responses to their cries for help. …that God would compel Christian women everywhere to intercede for women in Israel and Gaza who are caught in the crosshairs […]