Month: March 2015

Prayer Requests for the Week of March 29

Please pray… … that God would provide financially for those whose involvement in compassion outreach to Muslim women requires special funding. … for special anointing upon an upcoming global consultation involving church leaders and workers among Muslims in Latin America. … for the approximately 5 million women of Bangladesh’s state of Khulna will have opportunity […]

Prayer Requests for March 22

Please pray… … for the courage to make Christ our response to radical Islamic oppression and intimidation of believers world-wide. … that Christian women who outreach to Muslim neighbors in restricted access contexts would find favor in their friendships. … that female Muslim students who are vulnerable to Islamic radicalism on university campuses will have […]

Prayer Requests for the Week of March 15

Please pray… … that the growing number of Latino women who serve in Muslim contexts will know the fruit of their labor. … that Muslim women will come to faith through outreaches hosted by refugee-receiving church communities in the United States. … that Christian women in Mozambique, Africa will be specially stirred for bold witness […]

Prayer Requests for the Week of March 8

Please pray… … that Christian women in Papua, New Guinea who participate in training for outreach to Muslim neighbors will walk through open doors of ministry in their country. … for Muslims will find Jesus through believers who share friendship and faith as the result of a Say Hello event that takes place next week […]