Month: June 2016

Prayer Requests for the Week of June 19

Please pray… … that Muslim fathers’ yearning to please Allah will compel them and their families toward the feet of the cross, especially during this Ramadan month. … that Muslim American children will choose the Way and shine Light onto the spiritual paths of family and friends. … that Muslim women who claim to love […]

Prayer Requests for the Week of June 12

Please pray… … that Muslim women who fast for Ramadan in western countries will have Christian friends who can lead them to Truth. … that Muslim women who are entrapped by radical Islam will become disillusioned and focus their zeal on finding Truth, especially during this Ramadan month. … for Muslim world missionaries and their […]

Prayer Requests for Week of June 5

Please pray: … for the Holy Spirit’s anointing upon Christian women who will interact with Muslim friends this Ramadan month (beginning June 6). … for Jesus to reveal himself miraculously to Muslim women during their Ramadan fasts (beginning June 6). … for Maryam, a critically ill Iranian believer who is in prison because of her […]