Say Hello is an imperative that beckons believers into the wonderful experience of relating Christ to Muslim women.  Its intention crumbles language and culture barriers by appealing to everything Christian and Muslim girls of all ages value in common.  It imparts joy in friendship; it yields eternal fruit.

Research affirms that Christian friendships are key to a Muslim’s decision to follow Christ. * (Christianity Today reference) Most Christian women regularly come in contact with Muslim women, but stereotypes and unfounded fears deceive us into behaviors that keep them marginalized and lost. A simple act of friendship can initiate a Muslim woman’s journey to Jesus.

“Say Hello” wants to help Christian women everywhere know that they and Muslim women have everything to gain by being friends. We hold many common values, and most of our differences are also wonderful reasons for us to become friends. Our most important likeness is our need for Jesus, and our defining difference is that Christian women know Him, but most Muslim women have never even heard his story.

For this reason “Say Hello: Serving Muslim Women” answers the call to inspire, equip and mobilize the Church for effective outreach to Muslim women everywhere.