Prayer Request for the Week of May 20

Please pray…

… that secret followers of Jesus will know His peace as they navigate the religious pressures of community practice during Ramadan.

… that the Good News many displaced Muslim women have heard from Christians in the West would divert their attention from Ramadan toward the complete Truth about Jesus.

… that Muslim women who seek zealously during Ramadan’s rituals would long for everything Islam denies them, and that they would find Jesus.

Prayer Requests for the Week of May 13

Please pray…

… that during this first week of Ramadan Muslim families would seek out the truth about Jesus, whom they revere as prophet, but not God’s son.

… that signs and wonders would point Muslim women to Jesus during this Ramadan month.

… against the powers of darkness that disguise themselves as light and revelation to Muslim women during Ramadan.

Prayer Requests for the Week of May 6

Please pray…

… for S.K. and her ministry family to reap miraculous harvest among the Muslims in Chicago with whom they share life and Jesus.

… that Muslim women worldwide who fast before Ramadan because of the fasting their menses precludes during Ramadan will know the freedom that Jesus gives.

… that God will give you opportunity to honor Muslim mothers this Mother’s Day, as a testament to the ways Jesus values them.

Prayer Requests for the Week of April 15

Thank God for a fantastic launch of Say Hello: Forever Friends this past week!

Please pray…

… that the children’s leaders who got a peek into the curriculum will follow through to teach it to their kids.

… for Say Hello in Hong Kong as we intercede and network for global impact.

… for a local community who will outreach to a large number of Saudi neighbors this week.

Prayer Requests for the Week of April 1

Please pray…

… on this Easter Sunday, for all Muslim women who are named after Mary, the mother of Jesus – that they will know Christ as Redeemer and Lord.

… that a couple who works among Muslims and long to have children will be blessed with sons and daughters.

… for Nisrin in Turkmenistan, who has forfeited job and home to follow Jesus.

Prayer Requests for the Week of March 25

Please pray…

… that  Muslim women in places where Easter is celebrated will hear the Easter story and believe.

… that female global workers in restricted access nations will have opportunity to share Easter’s good news among those who have yet to hear it.

… that Najma, a new believer in Indonesia, would flourish spiritually in the local church that is discipling her.

Prayer Requests for the Week of March 18

Please pray…

… for the twin brother of a lady who ministers full time to Muslim women will know the love of Jesus as he experiences illness.

… that two female hispanic global workers in a very sensitive country will experience special victories this week in their work with Muslim children.

… for Farida, a Muslim in the North Caucasus region of Russia, who desires to follow Jesus but has been threatened by her father, who says he will kill her.

Prayer Requests for March 11

Please pray…

… for 2 separate church groups that initiate outreaches to Saudi students in their city this week!

… that Jesus would minister peace to a Muslim girl who is waiting for pathology report, and that she will know where her help comes from.

… for a Muslim woman whose decision to follow Christ has isolated her from family and friends and is very much alone.