Prayer Requests for the Week of December 10

Please pray…

… that this second week of Advent, Christian women everywhere will prepare the way for the Lord in the lives of their Muslim friends.

… for perseverance and spiritual growth among nomadic Fulani Christian women of Muslim background in Niger.

… that Christian women in Israel/Palestine would be agents of Christ’s peace and greater promise to Jewish and Muslim neighbors in these rocky times.

Prayer Requests for the Week of December 3

… that H., an Arab Muslim friend in America who was called back to her homeland against her will might have access to loving Christians who will lead her to Jesus.

… for missionary families in Muslim countries, as they introduce Advent to Muslim friends.

… that Muslim women who are reading the Bible would be convinced in their hearts of its Truth and personal relevance to them.

Prayer Requests for the Week of November 19

Please pray…

… that the Muslim families who participated in a recent Say Hello Thanksgiving celebration will be open to deepening friendships and the Good News message.

… that J.’s Muslim friend will run to Jesus rather than away from Him.

… for signs and wonders among workers in Europe who serve the spiritual and physical felt needs of Muslim refugees and immigrants.

Prayer Requests for the Week of November 12

Please pray…

… for a Say Hello event that will host Muslim families for an American Thanksgiving experience on Nov. 16.

… that more laborers would be called to China’s Xinjiang Province’s 6,500,000 unreached Muslim women.

… that Sat 7’s Good News programming for Muslim women in Arabic, Turcik, and Farsi speaking countries would find “homes” in the hearts of seeking viewers.

Prayer Requests for the Week of November 5

Please pray…

… for Fatima and Mehmet, new converts from Islam who have received death threats for following Jesus.

… that Pakistan’s 97,000,000 unreached Muslim women would have access to the Gospel message.

… that a Latin American single woman and another family who seek visa options for service in Pakistan will find favor and open doors for ministry in that land.

Prayer Requests for the Week of October 29

Please pray…

… for a Muslim convert to Christianity in a Middle Eastern country whose family is threatening to take her life.

… for Indonesia’s over 131 million women to have access to the Gospel message.

… about how God might enlarge your own heart for Muslims, to give you unique opportunities for outreach and influence.

Prayer Requests for the Week of October 22

Please pray…

… that H., a Muslim woman who has heard the Truth about Jesus but is digging deeper into Islam, will quickly realize her error and commit her life to Christ.

… for Rania., a Muslim mother in Syria who met Christ through a radio program and is now suffering persecution. Her whole family has accepted Jesus, but must worship secretly.

… for Hamida, a Ugandan woman who has been cursed and ousted from family for choosing Jesus over Islam.

Prayer Requests for the Week of October 16

Please pray…

… for women in Papua New Guinea who will participate in Global Initiative’s equipping seminar this Oct. 19 through Nov. 3.

… that Afghan women who are learning about Jesus via English classes in their homeland will always want more of Him.

… for a Latin American worker among Muslims in Germany, as she points refugee women and children to Jesus.

Prayer Requests for the Week of October 8

Please pray…

… for missionary women–married and single–who need special grace for ministry to Muslims where they are.

… that Muslim women in Dearborn, Michigan who receive help from Christian outreaches there will hunger more for Truth and have courage to draw nearer to Jesus.

… that a Muslim “daughter of peace” in a fundamentalist country who has opened doors for Christian presence in her mountain village will follow Jesus wholeheartedly.

Prayer Requests for the Week of October 1

Please pray…

… that Abi, a Christian background woman in the US, would seek Jesus about the relationship she is having with a Muslim man from a fundamentalist country.

… that a single female worker who has led a Muslim family to Christ in a closed country will have uninterrupted access to the family she must now disciple from afar.

… that the Holy Spirit would prove Himself real to Nabeel’s mother, sister and father as they grieve his passing.