Prayer Requests for the Week of January 20

Please pray…

…for workers that serve Muslim women who are captive in sex trade contexts—that the Holy Spirit will fill them with boldness and wisdom for their work. Pray that the light of Christ will invade the lives of these Muslim women with Love that reveals its source and finds prompt acceptance in their hearts.

…for workers in a sensitive country where the government is closing their outreach centers. Pray that the Lord will heal hurts and restore hopes as they leave friends they have loved and works they have started. Please pray for smooth transitions into new places of ministry.

…for Say Hello’s ministry community as we seek God’s direction in vision casting and strategic planning—that the fruit of our labors would be redeemed Muslim women everywhere.

Prayer Requests for the Week of January 6

Please pray…

…that Muslim women in your neighborhoods and cities would understand the error of Islam and be drawn to the Word of God.

…that Muslim women in less restrictive countries will leave their complacency and their culturally binding belief systems and turn wholeheartedly to Jesus.

…that the start of new school semesters for Muslim girls who study in the west would increase their hunger for new knowledge: particularly knowledge that leads to Truth and salvation.

Prayer Requests for the Week of January 6

Please pray…

…that you will recognize opportunities God gives you to serve Muslim women the good news of God’s perfect love for them, and for the courage to do it.

…specifically for Syria’s mothers, their sons and their daughters, that they might know true Peace and serve God who loves them and delivers them from the enemy’s death-grip.

…a female worker in a very sensitive country, who waits for government clearance for her expired visa and permission to stay in the country where she serves.

Prayer Requests for the Week of December 23

Please pray…

…that Muslim women everywhere would begin to understand their value in the eyes of God, their Creator, and that they would feel beautifully embraced in their search for Truth.

…for Muslim women in severely restrictive countries, such as Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, parts of Africa, and Northwest China would seek freedom and find it in Christ.

…that your own interactions with Muslim women would become redemptive.

Prayer Requests for the Week of December 16

Please pray…

…that Muslim women everywhere would come to know God as their Father, and not their master.

…that outreaches taking place all over the world this Christmas season will bear much fruit in the lives of Muslim women.

…that one Malay Muslim background believer who has just lost her job would find better work, and that she would connect well with a church in her city.

Prayer Requests for the Week of December 9

Please pray…

…for a Latin American worker who serves Muslim women in Indonesia. This week she faces procedures related to her recent cancer diagnosis. Please pray for her healing.

…please pray for Chinese workers in sensitive places–particularly for a number of single women from various countries whose outreach focuses on Muslim women–that they will experience the joy of community among Muslims this Christmas season, and that their efforts would bring visible, affirming successes.

…for Muslim women everywhere who will be aware of Christmas celebrations taking place around them–that these women will search for the source of our Christmas joy, and that they will find HIM!

Prayer Requests for the Week of December 2

Please pray…

…that Jesus will use you to speak into the life of a Christian woman this Christmas season. Plan for deliberate outreach, and pray for God to bring the increase.

…that Christian children who go to school with Muslim children will have opportunity to share the Jesus story with their friends this Christmas season. Pray that Muslim mothers will hear from their children and that they will be drawn to seek the Spirit of God (one way the Qur’an references Jesus) for themselves.

…for a specially called Say Hello strategy meeting, which will help define our focus and future global collaborations. Pray that we can grow capacity to enable creative access among unreached Muslim women.

Prayer Requests for the Week of November 26

Please pray…

…for workers who teach English as a Second Language courses to Muslim women in Michigan and Minnesota. Pray that they have special opportunities to share the gospel in these weeks leading up to Christmas and that their students will openly receive the good news of God’s love for them.

…for leaders in a large Asian nation who will gather for Muslim ministry training this week. Pray that God will use this week to seal their passion for lost Muslims in ways that propel them to effective work in their regions.

…for single female missionaries who work in very sensitive Muslim contexts. Pray that during this holiday season they will take special pleasure in their local relationships and that the Lord will bless them with visible fruit and personal reward.

Prayer Requests for the Week of November 18

Please thank God with us for new doors He has opened for strategic influence among Muslims in Europe. Pray that He will capacitate the work with prayer warriors and workers there.

Please pray for one Malaysian Muslim Background Believer who needs clear direction for family relationships and future work choices. Pray that she has the courage to make difficult choices and that she reaps miraculous joy from those choices.

Please pray for an Assemblies of God World Missions family who are seizing the opportunities offered by the husband’s terminal illness to reach their Muslim friends in the country where they serve. They have chosen not to return to the States for treatment; they are modeling complete trust in the Father, so that those watching can know He is God. They don’t ask us to pray that the trial will cease. They ask us to pray for miracles in the lives of their friends. Please pray for the wife in this family, who valiantly carries a heavy load.