Prayer Requests for the Week of May 27, 2012

Please pray…

…for Christian women who minister to Muslim women through salon arts/beauty outreach. Pray that these hairdressers, manicurists/pedicurists, make-up specialists, masseuses and beauty consultants will be anointed to touch their Muslim clients with the love of Christ in ways that make these women long for more of Jesus.

…that the prayers of Muslim women who attend mosque services this Friday will break through the hindrance of Islam’s works theology and move them to seek personal relationship with God who woos them to himself with personal revelation, truth in scriptures, and signs and wonders.

…that Muslim women in Europe’s cities would find Christ through literacy and language learning programs that are provided by Christians in these urban contexts.

Prayer Requests for the Week of May 20, 2012

Please pray…

…for a Say Hello-sponsored outreach that takes place in Paris this week.  Pray for a fruitful week of ministry to the mostly North African Muslim immigrant women among whom we’ll work. Pray for team members’ safety and good health.

…for the Christian women who will teach “Women in Islam” classes in academic settings to students who work/will work among Muslims in very restricted contexts. These classes will be taught at different sites over the course of the summe  and will impact women in Asia Pacific.

…for Muslim women in Russia, most who are immigrant workers there, to find Christ amidst a culture with its own immense spiritual challenges.  Pray that any emptiness they experience will be filled with a longing for Truth, so that they might seek and find the Master.

Prayer Requests for Week of May 13, 2012

Please pray…

…for a Christian woman who travels to some remote villages in a restricted access country this week to visit Muslim friends with the presence of Jesus. Pray that her family will enjoy safe travels, and for signs and wonders to validate her ministry to Muslim women on this journey. They always have prayer needs, and they pray with expectancy when their Christian friend visits them.

…for numbers of Christian Asian women who travel for a summer of training for outreach to Muslims. Pray for their safety, for their visions and passions to be enlarged, and that they would acquire useful skills for work and life among their Muslim neighbors.

…for Northwest China’s approximately 30 million females: that they will find their delight in Jesus, even as they seek to please Allah with deeds.  Pray for workers to reap vast harvest among them.

Prayer Requests for Week of May 6, 2012

Please pray…

…for Muslim mothers worldwide, that the Holy Spirit will bless them with an extra sense of Christ’s presence this week—and that they would be compelled to seek God for the sakes of their families. Pray that they would find Truth.

…that Christian women in Australia would be blessed with opportunities for outreach to their Muslim neighbors. Pray that God would intensify their love and compassion for Muslim women as they reach out to them, and that their friendships would encounter favor from family and community members.

…for immigrant Muslim women who this week will spill over into European nations—particularly those who travel into Spain from North African nations.  Pray that God will use their moves to help them find Christ. Pray that European believers will reach out to them with the gospel.

Prayer Requests For Week of April 29, 2012

Please pray…

…for training programs in Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific to speak clearly into the hearts of workers who are seeking God’s will for their lives. Pray that through their studies God would impress upon them the opportunities that exist for outreach to Muslim women in their cities and remote places. Pray that they would respond by committing to mission for the sakes of these women.

…for Christian women in a very restricted nation (which cannot yet be named in this venue), who lead or actively participate in the underground church movement. They are vulnerable to government surveillance, and the church as a whole is experiencing a new wave of persecution. Pray that the love of the Father, which casts away all fear, would preside over their hearts and minds in these difficult days.

God has heard your prayers for the conference mentioned on April 14. Both men and women whose life callings place them in Muslim contexts have been encouraged and equipped for their work. Continue to pray for them as they travel back to the countries they serve, for their safety and for the reaping of great harvests in the coming weeks and months.

Prayer Requests for the Week of April 22, 2012

Please pray…

…for Muslim women in Australia to find Christian friends that will lead them to Jesus. Many Asian Muslims with refugee status have settled there. Pray that in their transitions and adjustments they would seek and find Truth that transforms.

…for Christian Korean women whose life passion is outreach to Muslim women. Many of them minister in countries that are very restricted and closed to Western presence. Pray that God will bless their efforts with language, culture, and creative access endeavors where they live and work.

…for the family, friends and work left behind by a woman who bravely served Muslims as a bible translator in a very remote region of a politically sensitive nation. On Sunday she died in a head-on collision in the U.S., after sharing her heart with a supporting church. She served this specific people group for over 26 years. She left them with an alphabet, literacy programs, and the presence of Jesus. Pray that even in her passing, those she spent her life reaching will be drawn to the Lord that she so fervently served.  Pray that her translation work would provide gospel witness to this people group for generations to come.

Prayer Requests for the Week of April 15, 2012

Please pray…

…that Muslim women in Canada would seek Jesus among Christian friends and hospitable churches. Pray in particular for Joy’s friends this week. Joy has dedicated her life to serving them.

…for Tajik believers in a Central Asian city who are burdened for some severely marginalized Muslim women where they live. Pray that their open hearts and homes will nurture their Muslim sisters toward faith in Christ.

…for an important conference that will be attended by male and female leaders whose life focus is outreach to Muslims. Pray that their time together would re-visit and initiate strategic collaborations for the sake of outreach to Muslim men and women everywhere. Please intercede specifically for the women’s component of these meetings, since there will be deliberate emphasis on service to Muslim women in this gathering of leaders.

Prayer Requests for the week of April 8, 2012

Please pray:

…that Easter will take root in the hearts of immigrant Muslim women worldwide who might be more exposed to resurrection truth this month in particular. Pray that God will provide them with Christian sisters who would help to guide them as they consider embracing new life in Christ.

…for Muslim women in Africa who receive ministry from outreaches that supply wells/clean water to their villages. Pray that they will thirst for righteousness and that they might drink from the fount that never runs dry.

…for female Muslim university professors in America—that relationships with Christian associates and students might inspire within them strong desire for the Word of Truth.

Prayer Requests for the week of April 1 2012

Please pray:

…that Christian women who live on America’s west coast will be deliberate and anointed in their friendships with Muslim women, and that they will be supported by local church networks through prayer and hospitable reception of Muslims in their services.

…that female Muslim university students in urban contexts everywhere will find Christ through campus ministry outreaches and friendships with strong Christian women  and their families.

…for Teen Challenge Centers that have ministry to Muslim women who are drug-addicted; that center workers would find favor with the women’s families and local communities, so that more female addicts might find physical and spiritual healing  through the centers’ outreaches.

Prayer Requests for the week of March, 25 2012

…for a Muslim woman in a remote village who has become a person of peace to Christian workers, that she will yearn for relationship with Christ, and that those who work with her might have the privilege of leading her to the Master.

…for women who lead house churches in a very sensitive nation: that the seed they plant will fall on fertile soil, so that it can grow, bear fruit, and be multiplied.

…for a team of American women who will travel in May to a Muslim region to be involved with outreach through salon arts.