Prayer Requests for the Week of September 2

Please pray…

…for widows in war torn Muslim lands, who are lonely, rejected and poor and have no one to turn to. Pray that they will meet the One who is a husband to the husbandless.

…for countless relationships that begin this month between Muslim university students who have been adopted by Christian families so they can welcome them to America, offer them loving hospitality, and speak Christ’s love into their lives.  Pray particularly for female Muslim students, whose roles in their own communities abroad can limit the freedom they have to embrace new friendships in the West.  Ask the Lord to protect their faith journeys.

… for women who are afraid to initiate friendship with Muslim women.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will give them courage and insight to lovingly reach out to their Muslim neighbors.  Pray that they will be successful and motivated for ongoing relationships.

Prayer Requests for the Week of August 26, 2012

Pray for…

…soon-to-start English as a Second Language (ESL) classes offered by workers among Arabic Muslim women in a specific Islamic community in the United States. Pray that the women will come with open ears and soft hearts, and for God’s favor to rest upon their teachers and the women who respond to their message. This community institute needs more teachers, volunteer children’s workers, and food service/break area helpers. Thank you for praying for these essentials, as well.

…women who serve in Muslim lands today, that they would be encouraged by the Lord through scripture, the visit of a friend, an email, or an open door. Pray that their hearts will be filled with joy.

…single, female Muslim background believers (MBBs) to find good husbands who love Jesus.

Prayer Requests for the Week of August 19, 2012

Please pray…

As of this Sunday night, August 19, Muslims around the world will have celebrated the end of Ramadan with spiritual focus, festive meals, and gift giving. Please pray for Muslim women worldwide whose Ramadan fasts have left them empty. Pray that they will seek Truth and that they will find Him.

Christian women who have Muslim friends need your prayers. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will guide their conversations in special ways this week.

A specific American woman who must remain nameless is married to a Muslim man and is finding it hard to understand his religion and culture. She needs wisdom to know how to meet the expectations of his extended family, and she needs encouragement for her own faith walk. Please pray for her and for any woman you might know or know of who finds herself in a similar dilemma. Pray that Christ will use such women to draw family members to Him.

Prayer Requests for the Week of August 12, 2012

Please pray…

…for Muslim women, children, and families from Syria who are fleeing the violence in their country. Pray that as they become refugees in other countries, they will receive comfort for the trauma they have experienced and that their hearts will be open to receive new life in Jesus Christ.

…for two women who have become followers of Jesus. One is called to be a missionary and needs God’s direction during this current time of decision and difficult transition. The second convert is growing in her faith, but her husband does not allow her to attend church.

…for Muslim women who are barren and therefore rejected because they cannot have children. During this Ramadan fasting month they will be praying earnestly for special answers to their deepest needs. Pray that the living God who hears and answers prayer will comfort them, heal them, and draw them to Himself.

Prayer Requests for the Week of July 29, 2012

Please pray…

…for a Christian worker in a sensitive country, who must take a furlough from her ministry to tend ailing parents in the United States. Pray that the Lord would restore these parents’ health, and that the worker will also find peace in this storm. Pray for her ministry colleague who stays behind and will manage the ministry alone. She is a single woman with few Christian colleagues where she serves; the heat this time of the year, coupled with the challenges that Ramadan presents, are poised to challenge her stamina and strength.

…for Muslim women who will compete or attend the Summer Olympics in London—that they will connect with Christians who can seed their hearts with the gospel of Christ.

…that Christian women worldwide will take advantage of the opportunities Ramadan gives them to speak the love of Jesus into the lives of their Muslim friends. The opportunity for impact is especially available for Christian women whose friendships host immigrant Muslim women, mostly in nations where religious freedom exists.

Prayer Requests for the Week of July 22, 2012

Please pray…

…for Muslim women everywhere, as they participate in the Ramadan fast. Pray that for these next 28 days they will find Jesus as they seek to please Allah with their fasts and Qur’anic readings.

…that in Syria’s desperate state, the land’s mothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, and daughters would seek true deliverance and that God would meet them miraculously at their points of need.

…that Christians in Jordan will be prepared to minister to Syrian refugees with love that falls nothing short of drawing them to Jesus.

Prayer Requests for the Week of July 15, 2012

Please pray…

…for Say Hello: Serving Muslim Women as we project for some upcoming events that we want the Lord to use in special ways. Our focus is for all that we do to bring Muslim women closer to Jesus.

…for girls’ and women’s centers in four conservative Muslim communities, each in different nations. Pray for that the Lord will meet their financial needs, so that ministry can continue without interruption.

…for male pastors and ministry leaders to affirm and empower Christian women who have hearts to serve Muslim women the gospel of Jesus Christ. Please give this prayer global scope, so that churches in the West will be infused with pro-active love for Muslim women and that churches in the Muslim world would not be impeded from outreach by fear in their difficult contexts.

Prayer Requests for the Week of July 8, 2012

Please pray…

…for a Muslim background believer (we’ll call her Nancy) in a conservative Muslim nation who is struggling with the dynamics of expressing her Christian faith among hostile family members in restrictive community. She is a prosperous businesswoman who presently feels the need to remain a secret believer, but she is very conflicted. Pray that God will grace her with a special sense of his presence and with the confidence she needs for the difficult path she walks.

…for the leaders of projects that Say Hello partners with in various Muslim nations. Pray that they will have strength, wisdom, and courage for their work, and that he will supply ministry needs in ways that add value to their presence in the communities where they serve.

…for businesswomen in the UAE, who creatively find means to undergird their nations’ progress with their good works. Pray that God would reveal himself in their need and in their successes, so that these women of influence might find him and invite others to know him.

Prayer Requests for the Week of June 24, 2012

Please pray…

…for Christian house workers in the United Arab Emirates—that their influence will pique the longing of families across the peninsula toward relationship with Christ, the Son of God, whom they know only as a special prophet.

…that Muslim women and girls in England will meet their Savior through friends and acquaintances who would shine the light of Jesus in their midst.

In recent weeks the government of Iran has increased pressure against the church at large and has forced the closure of that nation’s Central Assembly of God. Please pray for the underground church—in particular for female participants—as they continue to serve the Lord in increasingly restricted contexts. Pray that the government’s recent heightened persecution will fail to discourage the church, so that what Satan has intended for evil, God will make good. Pray that the church will be strengthened and that its growth will accelerate.

Prayer Requests for the Week of June 17, 2012

Please pray…

…for Muslim women in Malaysia who hunger and thirst for God but are watched closely and remain painfully hindered in their faith walks. Pray that those who work among them would receive divinely protected blocks of time with them, so that they can be led to Christ and discipled in his love.

…for special women-specific graduate-level teaching that takes place in two separate Asian nations this week. The class, entitled “Approaches to Muslim Women,” will teach about the Muslim woman’s world and how she might be reached in specific, diverse contexts.

…for female student interns connected with American university programs as they travel to Muslim countries and minister among Muslim women this summer. Pray that they bless their host nations and that they learn with hearts wide open. Pray for the Lord to use these internships to brand these young women with his own compelling love for Muslim women and that they will draw courage for life-long commitments to missionary service.