Prayer Requests for the Week of May 14

Please pray…

… that Muslim women whose barrenness jeopardizes their marriages will hope in Jesus.

… that Muslim background mothers who follow Jesus will see their entire families come to Christ.

… for Sat 7’s Christian programming that specifically reaches out to Muslim women and children in the Middle East and North Africa.

Prayer Requests for the Week of May 7

Please pray…

… God’s protection and wooing over Muslim girls who will return to their home countries for university summer breaks.

…  for all the single girls God is using to draw Muslims to himself in restrictive Muslim nations.
… that Muslim girls who emigrate as asylees would find their homes in Christ.

Prayer Requests for the Week of April 30

Please pray…

… for a Cuban Christian couple who by divine placement will soon be marketplace workers in a very restrictive, unreached Muslim nation.

… that God will continue to raise up and uphold Palestinian women who will love their Muslim neighbors to Jesus.
… that Muslim transplants into Western culture will find havens for their children and Christian schools and day-cares.

Prayer Requests for the Week of April 23

Please pray…

… for the scores of Iranian and Afghan women in Northern Ireland and Germany who are hearing the Gospel for the first time, and receiving Christ.

…  that S.’s outreach to a Muslim student would continue to bless this girl, her Muslim family, and the Muslim friends she has invited into the conversation.
… that Muslim women’s fear of fundamentalist Islam will drive them to seek Jesus.

Prayer Requests for the Week of April 9

Please pray…

… for Muslim women who are finding Jesus in a Middle Eastern nation. The exalt great victories amidst sorrowing sacrifice.

… for Institute of Islamic Studies classes at a major Asian seminary, where many women prepare for ministry to Muslims.

… that God will stir the hearts of senior Christian women to pray for and befriend Muslim neighbors.

Prayer Requests for the Week of March 19

Please pray…

… for Brittany, who has become engaged to a Muslim man she has met online, and has decided to travel to his country on March 20. Her mother fears she will marry him there.

… for Carol,  who will lead a strategic seminar in Texas this week, about outreach to Muslim women.

… for Christian ladies from Asian nations who emigrate to work for Arab Muslim families, in hopes loving them to Jesus.

Prayer Requests for the Week of March 12

Please pray…

… for Shelly as she shares Truth with a Muslim friend and the ten friends that friend has invited to the conversation.

… for Christian women who are deliberately beginning to pray for Muslim neighbors, near and far.

… for N., an Iranian woman who is serving a long prison sentence in Iran because she follows Jesus.

Prayer Requests for the Week of March 5

Please pray…

…  for workers in Albania who have recently experienced some missions  training—especially for the gals who are committing their lives for service among Muslim women.

… for a Say Hello colleague and her family who have recently moved to Michigan, specifically because they love Muslims and want to live Jesus among them.

… for senior ladies who have opportunity to impact the lives of Muslim families in their neighborhoods.