Prayer requests for the Week of July 2

Please pray…

. . . for Fatim, a Malian woman who has recently heard the Good News story. She needs God’s revelation to grow her into faith in Christ.

. . . for the Cuban wife of a Muslim who now lives in his country and is suffering abuse. She needs a miracle for her marriage and her two sons.

. . . for Say Hello’s need for workers in our Stateside office.

Prayer Requests for the Week of May 21

Please pray…

. . . that Muslim women everywhere who are preparing for Ramadan’s start will hunger for relationship with God.

. . . for Muslim background women in Persian regions who are being discipled into ministerial service in their restricted access contexts.

. . . for H., a Saudi student who has experienced the presence of Jesus, but must return to her country following her graduation from university this week.  Pray that she continues to pursue Christ.

Prayer Requests for the Week of May 14

Please pray…

… that Muslim women whose barrenness jeopardizes their marriages will hope in Jesus.

… that Muslim background mothers who follow Jesus will see their entire families come to Christ.

… for Sat 7’s Christian programming that specifically reaches out to Muslim women and children in the Middle East and North Africa.

Prayer Requests for the Week of May 7

Please pray…

… God’s protection and wooing over Muslim girls who will return to their home countries for university summer breaks.

…  for all the single girls God is using to draw Muslims to himself in restrictive Muslim nations.
… that Muslim girls who emigrate as asylees would find their homes in Christ.

Prayer Requests for the Week of April 30

Please pray…

… for a Cuban Christian couple who by divine placement will soon be marketplace workers in a very restrictive, unreached Muslim nation.

… that God will continue to raise up and uphold Palestinian women who will love their Muslim neighbors to Jesus.
… that Muslim transplants into Western culture will find havens for their children and Christian schools and day-cares.

Prayer Requests for the Week of April 23

Please pray…

… for the scores of Iranian and Afghan women in Northern Ireland and Germany who are hearing the Gospel for the first time, and receiving Christ.

…  that S.’s outreach to a Muslim student would continue to bless this girl, her Muslim family, and the Muslim friends she has invited into the conversation.
… that Muslim women’s fear of fundamentalist Islam will drive them to seek Jesus.

Prayer Requests for the Week of April 9

Please pray…

… for Muslim women who are finding Jesus in a Middle Eastern nation. The exalt great victories amidst sorrowing sacrifice.

… for Institute of Islamic Studies classes at a major Asian seminary, where many women prepare for ministry to Muslims.

… that God will stir the hearts of senior Christian women to pray for and befriend Muslim neighbors.

Prayer Requests for the Week of March 19

Please pray…

… for Brittany, who has become engaged to a Muslim man she has met online, and has decided to travel to his country on March 20. Her mother fears she will marry him there.

… for Carol,  who will lead a strategic seminar in Texas this week, about outreach to Muslim women.

… for Christian ladies from Asian nations who emigrate to work for Arab Muslim families, in hopes loving them to Jesus.