Prayer Requests for the Week of October 16

Please pray…

… for a Say Hello colleague in an eastern Muslim country, as she explores venues for ministry among trafficked Muslim women there.

… for outreach ministries to Muslim children in Paris, France.

… that this week’s Muslim awareness seminar in Michigan will encourage Christian women for loving friendships with Muslim women.

Prayer Requests for the Week of October 9

Please pray…

… for Christian women who share faith with Muslim neighbors in Zanzibar, where the church is often persecuted by radical Islamists.

… for Say Hello’s children’s curriculum, as prepare for final formatting and vetting before the product goes to print.

… that Muslim girls who are victims of sex trade/trafficking would be able to find freedom in Christ.

Prayer Requests for the Week of September 11

Please pray…

… that 9/11-related reflections will open doors for redemptive dialogue and friendships among Christian and Muslim women.

… that Perfect Love which casts away all fear will reign over the hearts of women and children as they outreach to their Muslim friends.

… for signs and wonders to confirm the Gospel to Muslim women who are exploring the Scriptures.

Prayer Requests for the Week of September 4

Please pray…

… that doors for special influence will open to single female missionaries who serve in Muslim nations.

… that Christian ESL teachers will have opportunity to bless their Muslim students with the Gospel’s Good News.

… for the Holy Spirit to disturb the intentions of those who force FGM practices upon their Muslim daughters.

Prayer Requests for the Week of August 28

Please pray…

… for female students in Romania who will attend Global Initiative’s Institute for Islamic Studies Aug. 29 through Sept. 2.

… that Kurdish women who are receiving ministry in different parts of the United Kingdom will find Jesus.

… that Muslim girls who participate in university International Student programs will find Jesus through the friendships they have.

Prayer Requests for the Week of August 21

Please pray…

… for A. (Christian) and H. (Muslim), as they each pray for one another’s faith journeys. Please ask the Lord to draw H. to Himself during this time.

… for a small group of Muslim women in Australia who have asked Christian friends to help them understand the Bible.

… that the children of Muslim students who travel to the West for university will have Christ-like teachers and friends to love them in their schools, as well.