Prayer Requests for the Week of February 19

Please pray…

… for single, female AGWM candidates, especially, who as of this week formally begin their lives of missionary service to Muslim women.

… for Indonesia’s 1.3 Muslim women/children to have access to God’s good news.

… for Say Hello’s curriculum, as we work through some legalities regarding trademark and strategy for publishing.

Prayer Requests for the Week of January 8

Please pray…

… specifically for Christian Bengali women who outreach to their Muslim neighbors.

… for Christian friends who will lovingly welcome female Muslim students who for the first time settle into western schools this winter semester.

… for blessings upon K., who begins work in her Muslim homeland after spending 3+ years earning a graduate degree in the US.

Prayer Requests for the Week of January 1

Please pray…

… that this new year will open wide new doors of opportunity for Christ-like friendships between Christian and Muslim women, everywhere.

… that scores of students at this week’s World Missions Summit in Dallas, TX will follow God’s heart for lost Muslims, at home and abroad.

… for the mother of a convert from Islam to Christianity, to see and love Jesus, who is at work in her son’s life.

Prayer Requests for the Week of December 25

Please pray…

… that today’s Christmas Good News will find entry into every Muslim’s home, everywhere–and that it will draw Muslim families to Jesus.

… that war-ravaged Muslims will know the Prince of Peace, in their lands and in their hearts.

… that bans upon Christian literature in Muslim countries will not restrain the Father’s love from women who seek Him.

Prayer Requests for the Week of November 20

Please pray…

… that Christian families who host Muslim families for Thanksgiving will have open doors for meaningful conversations.

… that Italy’s 750,000 Muslim women to have Christian friends who will love them to Jesus.

… that the many women who attended Say Hello seminars in CA and IL last week will have courage to initiate new friendships with Muslim neighbors.

Prayer Requests for the Week of November 13

Please pray…

… for discipleship efforts among Muslim women who have been baptized since the influx of refugees last fall.

… that newly arrived Muslim asylees in America will find friends to welcome them and introduce them to Jesus.

… for Shireen (pseudonym), a Muslim background Christian, who after three years remains imprisoned in Iran for her faith.