Prayer Requests for the Week of March 12

Please pray…

… for Shelly as she shares Truth with a Muslim friend and the ten friends that friend has invited to the conversation.

… for Christian women who are deliberately beginning to pray for Muslim neighbors, near and far.

… for N., an Iranian woman who is serving a long prison sentence in Iran because she follows Jesus.

Prayer Requests for the Week of March 5

Please pray…

…  for workers in Albania who have recently experienced some missions  training—especially for the gals who are committing their lives for service among Muslim women.

… for a Say Hello colleague and her family who have recently moved to Michigan, specifically because they love Muslims and want to live Jesus among them.

… for senior ladies who have opportunity to impact the lives of Muslim families in their neighborhoods.

Prayer Requests for the Week of February 19

Please pray…

… for single, female AGWM candidates, especially, who as of this week formally begin their lives of missionary service to Muslim women.

… for Indonesia’s 1.3 Muslim women/children to have access to God’s good news.

… for Say Hello’s curriculum, as we work through some legalities regarding trademark and strategy for publishing.

Prayer Requests for the Week of January 8

Please pray…

… specifically for Christian Bengali women who outreach to their Muslim neighbors.

… for Christian friends who will lovingly welcome female Muslim students who for the first time settle into western schools this winter semester.

… for blessings upon K., who begins work in her Muslim homeland after spending 3+ years earning a graduate degree in the US.

Prayer Requests for the Week of January 1

Please pray…

… that this new year will open wide new doors of opportunity for Christ-like friendships between Christian and Muslim women, everywhere.

… that scores of students at this week’s World Missions Summit in Dallas, TX will follow God’s heart for lost Muslims, at home and abroad.

… for the mother of a convert from Islam to Christianity, to see and love Jesus, who is at work in her son’s life.

Prayer Requests for the Week of December 25

Please pray…

… that today’s Christmas Good News will find entry into every Muslim’s home, everywhere–and that it will draw Muslim families to Jesus.

… that war-ravaged Muslims will know the Prince of Peace, in their lands and in their hearts.

… that bans upon Christian literature in Muslim countries will not restrain the Father’s love from women who seek Him.