Prayer Requests for the Week of July 24

Please pray…

… for former Muslim Twen (pseudonym), an Eritrean Christian woman who is on her 11th year in prison for unlawful witnessing.

… for the work of a ministry in Madrid that specifically reaches out to Muslim women and children.

… for Europe’s and the United States’ many female Christian workers and volunteers who help to resettle Muslim refugee families.

Prayer Requests for the Week of July 3

Please pray…

… that Muslim women in Great Britain who navigate new vulnerabilities in the face of political change will place their confidence in Christ.

… against spiritual strongholds that keep Muslim women from experiencing freedom in Jesus.

… specifically that Muslim women who bear the name of their prophet’s daughter (Fatima) will know God as Father.

Prayer Requests for the Week of June 26

Please pray…

… that Muslim women who seek answers from Allah during this week’s Night of Power will be drawn to Jesus through dreams and visions.

… for God to intervene on behalf of three Iraqi students in the US who need to experience His provision and peace.

… that Christian women who will join Muslim friends for the breaking of fast times this week will have open doors for godly influence.

Prayer Requests for the Week of June 19

Please pray…

… that Muslim fathers’ yearning to please Allah will compel them and their families toward the feet of the cross, especially during this Ramadan month.

… that Muslim American children will choose the Way and shine Light onto the spiritual paths of family and friends.

… that Muslim women who claim to love the Jesus of their Qur’an will know Him personally as Lord and Savior.

Prayer Requests for the Week of June 12

Please pray…

… that Muslim women who fast for Ramadan in western countries will have Christian friends who can lead them to Truth.

… that Muslim women who are entrapped by radical Islam will become disillusioned and focus their zeal on finding Truth, especially during this Ramadan month.

… for Muslim world missionaries and their Ramadan outreaches to Muslim friends.

Prayer Requests for Week of June 5

Please pray:

… for the Holy Spirit’s anointing upon Christian women who will interact with Muslim friends this Ramadan month (beginning June 6).

… for Jesus to reveal himself miraculously to Muslim women during their Ramadan fasts (beginning June 6).

… for Maryam, a critically ill Iranian believer who is in prison because of her faith and is being denied the medical attention she needs.

Prayer Requests for the Week of May 22

Please pray…

… for a female pastor whose  Muslim background congregation is facing some difficult challenges.

… for three Iraqi students who need special direction for their summer transitions. All three of them have had Jesus encounters while in the US.

… for Say Hello training that will take place in New York next weekend.

Prayer Requests for the Week of May 8

Please pray…

… for a Muslim background Christian girl who feels compelled to tell family that she now follows Jesus.

… for three Iraqi girls in the United States who need wisdom for special circumstances.

… for a Say Hello colleague who is teaching an Islamics course to women in an Asian seminary this week.