Prayer Requests for the Week of April 19

Please pray…

…for Lydia, an Iranian convert, as she awaits a verdict regarding her defection from the Islamic faith. Please pray that she, along with her family, will be strengthened in their Christian faith, and that the judge will be lenient and drop all criminal charges.

…for deaf and hearing-impaired Muslim women. May they find the Lord Jesus as the One who will meet them at every point of need. Ask Him to call forth more laborers to sacrificially work among them to share His love.

…that the Holy Spirit would draw Muslim women as they make their final preparations for Ramadan’s commencement next week. In all of their efforts to obtain favor and forgiveness, may their hearts be especially opened to Christ’s redemptive work on their behalf.

3 thoughts on “Prayer Requests for the Week of April 19

  1. God willing, will be meeting w woman who attended our interfaith meetings in the past and even spoke in one. She is from Syria and a beautiful acquaintance from the past. Pray for. the Holy Spirit to lead in our time together and his leading in arranging this meeting for God’s honor and glory.

  2. Kim Maureen York says:

    Yes will be praying for these dear sisters in christ and they will be open as the holy sprit draws them to the wonderful.grace, mercy of Jesus .. And that the charges are dropped against this family. May the comfort and strength of the holy sprit be with you💝💝💝

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