Prayer Requests for the Week of February 2

Please pray…

…for the sons of R., a Muslim background believer who longs to see them come to faith. She and her husband pastor a church of Muslim converts. They have paid a heavy price to serve the way they do. Their children have suffered with them, and to date, do not profess faith in Jesus. R.’s heart’s cry is that her boys accept Christ into their hearts.

…for a missionary mother and others like her who grieve, having to leave children in boarding schools while they plant churches in desolate, difficult places. God doesn’t ask everyone to sacrifice in this way, but he does ask it of some. Pray that parents and children alike will know the precious peace that comes from a life of sacrifice for his name’s sake. Pray for their safety and for spiritual stamina to continue in obedience and faithful service.

…for an outreach to Muslim girls in a sensitive country. Outreach leaders are starting a journey into sustainability plans for the community centers that teach the girls holistic life skills. Girls benefit from the chance to improve their quality of life, but mostly they learn to love Jesus and to rely on him for their needs. Pray for the Lord give the leaders wisdom and discernment as they map out possibilities for center sustenance.

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