Prayer Requests for the Week of March 22

Please pray…

…for Muslim women who are particularly fearful of jinn (evil spirits) during this time of crisis. Rather than trusting in Islam’s prescribed routines/rituals/recipes for warding off these evil spirits, may the Holy Spirit illuminate the way for these dear women to come to the Person who alone can protect them—Jesus.

…for a renewal of strategic ministry to Muslim families in Burkina Faso amid escalating violence. Muslim women comprise over thirty percent of the population; may they soon hear of the love and grace of God’s Son.

…for creative means that Christian women can employ in this current phase of “social distancing.” As we endeavor to continue impacting Muslim women for the sake of the Gospel, may the Lord guide every conversation as He goes before us.

One thought on “Prayer Requests for the Week of March 22

  1. Kim Maureen York says:

    Wiill be praying that perfect love cast out fear.that they find jesus who has. defeated the we do not fear him but have vict ory over his lies, manifestations, the cross rendered powerless. .

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