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Our Pilgrimage – Day 28

A Christian’s assurance of heaven is a source of encouragement and strength, but our Muslims friends do not have the … [read more]

Our Pilgrimage – Day 27

God still works through miracles and supernatural means. Today, we’re talking about the movement of God in ways that we … [read more]

Our Pilgrimage – Day 26

We know that our God is both “faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from … [read more]

what is say hello?

Say Hello inspires Christian women everywhere toward relationships with Muslim women everywhere, knowing that such focus will radically impact believers and will draw Muslim women in all nations to Jesus.

Say Hello equips Christian female workers, both lay and clergy, for friendship outreach to their Muslim neighbors everywhere, by training them for the task in seminar and academic contexts.

Say Hello mobilizes the Church for ministry to Muslim women everywhere by facilitating specific, field-driven short and long-term outreaches in both open and creative access settings.

To learn how you might be inspired, equipped, and/or mobilized for outreach to Muslim women, or how you might help to inspire, equip and/or mobilize the Church for such outreach, contact us.

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