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“What the women of the Muslim World need supremely is the sacrificial service of their Christian sisters.”

– J. Dudley Woodberry ed.
Muslims and Christians on the Emmaus Road









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Have you ever considered that the Muslim women in our communities are our neighbors for a divine reason? God wants to show himself Lord to them through Christian women everywhere.

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This one-week challenge will prepare you to build a Christ-Like friendship that exudes the presence and the Holy Spirit’s transformational power for God’s glory forever. In the following pages you will discover some basic information to help you understand your Muslim friend and begin the conversation that could change her life for eternity.

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This free resource presents a structured and incremental approach that you can follow along with as you pursue this mission. Commit to small steps of just 10 minutes as you begin and you will quickly see what God can accomplish through you in 10 days, 10 weeks and 10 months.

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