The Power of 10: How You can Reach Muslim Women for Christ

Inside, we present a structured and incremental approach that you can follow along with as you pursue this mission. Commit to small steps of just 10 minutes as you begin and you will quickly see what God can accomplish through you in 10 days, 10 weeks and 10 months.

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One-Week Devotional: A Guide to Building Christ-Like Friendships with Muslim Women

This one-week challenge will prepare you to build a Christ-Like friendship that shares the Holy Spirit’s transformational power with a Muslim woman. This guide presents some basic information to help you understand your Muslim friend and begin the conversation that could change her life for eternity.

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Should I Say Hello Guide

Many of us have had the inclination to reach out to Muslim women. But maybe we’ve been afraid or not sure of where to start. The truth is, Jesus entrusts Muslim women to Christians because He means to extend His redemptive mission to them through us. Christ wants believing women to say “hello” on His behalf.

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Muslim girls differ one from the other as much as Christian girls do! We have created a playlist of Muslim girl videos and blogs for you—so that you can see from her own many diverse perspectives—how she might like to be seen by others.

These videos do not reflect Say Hello values or message, other than the overarching privilege God gives us to love her like He does. (I John 4:7,8)

Honor Diaries - Official Trailer

All-American Muslim Women Go Shopping, Talk About Faith

I’m A Hijabi Woman, But I’m Not…

"I am a Muslim Woman and..."


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Woman to Woman: Sharing Jesus with a Muslim Friend

Be sure to visit Joy's blog as well for posts detailing her personal journey as she serves Muslim women in her country.

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Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity

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A Muslim's Heart: What Every Christian Needs to Know to Share Christ with Muslims

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