Beneath her Islamic veil she is not much different from me:
She is a sister, a mother, an auntie, a grandma–who pours her life into family and wonderful friendships.
She values inner and outer beauty.
She is modest.
She strives for success.
She avoids shameful deeds; she strives to uphold honor.
She is probably a foodie, and she loves fun.
She probably prays very often.
She works hard to please Allah.
She will almost always respond to a friendly “hello.”
In fact, she is more like me than I thought…
Except that she has no hope for her eternity.

This is why I should say, “hello.”

Many of us have had the inclination to reach out to Muslim women. But maybe we’ve been intimidated, afraid, not sure of where to start.

The truth is, Jesus entrusts Muslim women to Christians because He means to extend His redemptive mission to them through believing women. This is true of Christian and Muslim women everywhere. Christ wants believing women to say “hello” on His behalf.

So how do we start?